Spiritual Life

Five main stages on the path of transfiguration

The path of transfiguration comprises five main stages:

Insight into the real nature of this earthly domain of existence and experience of the inner call to return to the divine nature order;

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Encounter with the Rose of the heart

Searching and finding on the spiritual path is something very personal. Everyone has his own history about passing the Mystical Gate. A Rosicrucian from the Lectorium Rosicrucianum speaks about her own experiences.

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When children ask about the meaning of life

Why do we live? This is one of the deep questions that children ask their parents. He, who searches for the meaning of life himself, can also tell children about it.

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An enlightened consciousness is the desire of every person who walks a spiritual path. How can enlightenment be experienced, and which path leads to it? The answer can be found in a hidden chamber in the human heart.

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The silent companion

The message of eternity is very close to everybody’s heart. So close that it is not generally recognized. In the heart there is a silent companion waiting to help in the search for it. But you have to trust in him. A report about a very personal relationship.

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