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There exists a golden thread, which leads out of the labyrinth of our broken reality and towards the Truth. The Lectorium Rosicrucianum, or International School of the Golden Rosycross, aims to help seekers find and form a living connection with this shining filament. Welcome to the electronic bulletin of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum.

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Origin of the Rosicrucians

Where do the Rosicrucians come from, and who is Christian Rosycross? At the beginning of the 17th Century the term “Rosycross” was published in Europe in the classical Rosicrucian writings.

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Media Gallery

Lectorium Centers around the World (Spanish Titles)

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Pentagram Magazine

Pentagram is a bimonthly magazine published in Dutch, German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

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