Pentagram Magazine

Pentagram is a bimonthly magazine published in Dutch, German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The publication features full articles and editorial style contents on subjects of relevance in modern days with an approach that touches certain principles and matters of the transfiguration process.

These are some previous issues (2008 through 2010), downloadable in PDF format:

Pentagram 5 – 2008
Pentagram 6 – 2008
Pentagram 1 – 2009
Pentagram 2 – 2009
Pentagram 3 – 2009
Pentagram 4 – 2009
Pentagram 5 – 2009
Pentagram 1 – 2010
Pentagram 2 – 2010
Pentagram 3 – 2010
Pentagram 4 – 2010
Pentagram 5 – 2010

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